Canadian Healthcare Workers

The West island Therapy and Wellness Centre is dedicated to supporting the mental wellness of Canadian Healthcare Workers both online and in-person.  Our entire team of social workers, psychotherapists, and psychologists have all worked the front-line and we are extremely sensitized to their emotional needs. We believe that mental wellness is essential to them being healthy employees especially within these difficult times.

It is our core belief that by caring for our own mental wellness, we become better at caring for those around us. Learning to practice self-compassion, enhancing self-worth and building self-confidence and esteem will enhance job performance, life satisfaction and create an environment of empowerment.

Short term support is important. However, we believe that a long lasting, introspective, hands-on approach can be more meaningful and have lasting positive effects both mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Our main goal is to develop a long-term wellness plan, in order to support front-line works, support staff and administration, foster much needed self-care habits and provide the team with long lasting tools to help them be the best version of themselves.

Offerings can include:

  • Guided meditation sessions: 15-minute meditation before or after shift.
  • An 8-week introspective selfcare workshop– (kind of like a course) The course would be a combination of on-line discussion group, guided introspective work and self-reflection. The course would be created with a certain structure and theme, but participants would have opportunities to contribute to the content of the program tailored to their own realities. The sessions would take on different formats fostering a safe and nurturing environment and would include group and individual work. A certificate of completion would be offered at the end of the course to all participants.
  • Weekly Zoom “hang outs”: facilitated by a WITWC professional team member. This would be a safe, therapeutic on-line environment for staff to gather to receive coping skills and support.
  • A therapeutic art therapy program that incorporated the creation of vision boards, journaling, etc.
  • Monthly, therapeutic team enhancing program- learning to adapt the collective experience and learn more appropriate tools and techniques to navigate the new normal effectively and safely.
  • Individual psychotherapy using: Emotionally Focused, CBT and mindfulness, etc.

Many of us are feeling frenzied these days. We’re coping with added workloads, disrupted schedules, stress and anxiety. For those seeking relief, meditation can help.  In collaboration with the CIUSSS’s Human Resources team we are offering meditation classes on Zoom.  Led by teacher Tina Balazovjech, the live-streamed lessons offer participants a relaxing interlude filled with birdsong, soothing music and gentle meditation instructions.  Read more