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COVID-19 and How to Manage Your Couple Relationship.

          COVID-19 and How to Manage Your Couple Relationship. By: Chrissy Weber, West Island Therapy and Wellness Centre During this Covid-19 crisis, couples are finding themselves at home, together for longer periods of time than ever before. They are trying to juggle work demands, financial constraints and caring for their children. On top of that is the stress and confusion of the virus itself, and how long this social distancing will truly last. Being in such close quarters, under so much duress can create a lot of tension on the couple causing  unnecessary arguments. Here are a few tips to help couples stay happy and healthy amongst the chaos.  1. Give Each Other Space. This can be done by choosing separate work spaces, such as one in the kitchen and the other in the basement, and alternating as needed. Don't expect your partner to be a mind reader.  Communicate your needs to your partner- and tell them you need space.  2.Enjoy Family Meals Together. We now have the opportunity to eat all 3 meals as a family, so put aside your work and take the time to eat meals together and talk about positive things, such as planning outings you may want to do when the outbreak is over.

COVID-19 and Managing Your Mental Health

        COVID-19 and Managing Your Mental Health  Lisa Brookman, MSW, PSW, Psychotherapist and Co-Director of the West Island Therapy and Wellness Centre.  2020 has really kicked us in the butt so far. Who would’ve thought that a virus that started half way across the world would be at our door step so quickly, significantly impacting our physical and mental health. And while social distancing is the responsible and ethical approach to dealing with this crisis, it contradicts so many of the approaches that typically promote mental well-being. Every one of us is directly impacted by the havoc that Covid-19 is wreaking on our community. We’re all feeling tremendous stress around our jobs and income, our health, our family’s well being and even how to entertain our children while they are off school. The unknown and unpredictability are unsettling and anxiety- provoking. Given all of this, it’s crucial to make sure you do things to boost your morale and outlook so you can maintain your mental health and be a good support to those around you. Fortunately, there are things you can do to take control and make your quarantine experience more positive, purposeful and thoughtful.  Start each day with something for you Practicing self-care is a great way to

How to Speak to Children about COVID-19

In my practice, as a social worker,  I work with children, adolescents and young adults on a daily basis. I  also have children of my own. Recently, I have been asked multiple questions about COVID-19: How do we talk to children and adolescents about this pandemic? What should I be doing with my kids during the social distancing period? Several themes arose from these conversations:

The Couple’s Quest

A therapist’s guide to couples communication By Christina Benedetti   The Couple’s Quest:  A therapist’s guide to couples communication As a couple therapist, I have met hundreds of couples in search of fixing their relationship, rekindling their romance, trying to reconnect and heal their wounds.

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