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Post by: / October 10, 2021


So this past weekend i bid farewell to my 40’s…. I entered into a new era and gracefully embraced the big 5-0!! It’s difficult for me to truly articulate what the the aging process has been like for me; a mixture of gratitude, excitement and some trepidation and fear. I don’t feel old per se, because as they say, age is really only a number and is more about a mindset. But as my youngest son graciously pointed out- I am now closer to being a century old!

The past decade has been an exciting journey filled with lots of ups and downs. I am incredibly curious, excited and intrigued by the notion of growing older. I have realized lately that my goals and visions for the future are focussed less on what I WANT to DO and more about how I WANT to FEEL. As much as I try to remind myself to be mindful, not to forge ahead and to live in the present moment , I can’t help but feel excited about turning 50, eagerly anticipating what this new chapter of life has in store for me.

A few thoughts on turning 50…

1. I’m old enough to know what I want and I’m still young enough to make it happen!
2. My grey hair sucks.
3. I am more at peace than I’ve ever been
4. I’m ready and willing to embrace and accept my imperfections
5. KARAOKE is my thing and I’m going to sing and rock out like no one is watching.
6. My body is changing and that’s okay. Making it strong is my number one goal.
7. I can go home early and not have to apologize for it.
8. I need to prioritize sleep.
9. I will allow myself the gift of forgiveness.
10. I will practice more self-compassion and know my worth.
11. i know that without health nothing else matters.

50 feels meaningful. It feels significant. It feels liberating but at the same time it feels a touch scary and unknown. But that’s okay, because living out of my comfort zone is my motto!

Lisa xoxo