7 Conseils pour une meilleure communication:

My friends and I often discuss our relationships and support one another through our ups and downs. From sex to child rearing, nothing is taboo or too deep.  So when Jane called me to vent the other day, I made the time to talk to her. Jane and Michael have been married for many years and on most days they are a great couple dealing with everyday issues. Jane was mad at Michael.  She was feeling down and wanted Michael to tell her what she needed to help her feel better.  She had been holding a grudge for three days and she was feeling exasperated. “We keep having the same fight over and over again. and nothing changes. I feel like Michael and I are speaking two different languages. I wish he understood me better!” Does this sound familiar? Every couple argues.... As many of you might already know, it's really hard to effectively communicate with your partner.  We’re so busy, working, driving carpool, making supper and finishing everything else on our to do list.  Who has time to talk and tell their partner what they really have on their mind?  Sometimes it’s too much work to open up that can of worms, so shutting down our feelings, rather than having a

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