Project Description

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Autism & Related Disorders

Autism is a developmental disability characterized by impairment in social interaction and communication and restricted or repetitive behaviors. Early diagnosis and intervention can greatly improve a child’s ability to learn, socialize, and communicate.

Our team of professionals provides evaluations and helps families with concerns about an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our team provides families with an evaluation for autism spectrum disorders, as well as guidance on available resources and community support.

The Autism Diagnostic Team consists of:

  • Doctoral-level Psychologists, licensed clinical professionals with extensive experience in diagnostic evaluations with specialized training in autism spectrum disorders;
  • Board Certified Behaviour Analysts;
  • Consultation as needed with Speech Therapists with experience in diagnostic evaluations and specialized training in developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

The team evaluates the child using standardized tests, behavioural observation, and information from parents, educators, teachers, and others who know the child on a personal level.  The results of the evaluation are analyzed, after which the family and team meet together to review the findings and discuss the results. The family will be provided with a complete report, including recommendations to address the child’s specific areas of need.