Wise Women in West Island

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“One with an eye for style, the other with an ear for understanding” describes Dollard des Ormeaux residents Elizabeth Wiener, a teacher and style expert and Lisa Brookman, a Montreal based clinical psychotherapist to a 'T.' Read more

Workshop for teenage girls

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A teen empowerment workshop will be held Sunday in the West Island. Two West Island women are behind this initiative - Elizabeth Wiener, a teacher and style expert and Lisa Brookman, co-director of the West Island Therapy Center.

Friends launch Montreal women’s blog site

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MONTREAL — Lisa Brookman and Elizabeth Wiener have been best friends since their teenage years. But neither West Islander would have imagined that WiseWomenMontreal.com, a free women’s blog site they launched last Labour Day weekend, would result in their being recognized on the street. But that’s what is happening. Brookman, a clinical psychotherapist, and Wiener,

Wise women website brings together local bloggers

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In my three years as a parenting writer and blogger, I’ve encountered all kinds of questions and comments from readers. Some want to know more about the subjects I typically address — digital technologies, bullying and risky behaviours. But others ask about various topics: Do I have any kid-friendly recipes to share, or who do