France Turcotte was an elementary school teacher for 35 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in preschool and elementary education. During her long career, she participated in the development of the French immersion program for Kindergarten and created a working document for students in Grade 3 called “L’Ouvre-boîte” for the Montreal Protestant School Board.

Mme. Turcotte has hosted practical workshops at congresses such as l’AEQP (Association Provinciale des Enseignants du Québec) and l’AEQFLS (l’Association québécoise des enseignants de français langue seconde).

In addition, she orchestrated the production of collective books one of which was an award winner with the Canadian Scholastic Company. Another book “Le Panda déficit attentionnel” was published to help finance activities organized by PANDA Therese-De-Blainvile. France worked with this organization for 23 years as a member of the administrative council. Subsequently, she published an instructional book on how to write collective books with Chenelière.

Mme. Turcotte is currently working as a French language tutor and assists in identifying learning difficulties in children. Her aim is to first develop self-esteem within her clients and then provides them with tools to help improve their academic performance and extend their interest in learning. Teaching children different facets of their intelligence so that they can flourish as a child and as a learner, is a teachers most exciting adventure. 

Let us teach them from the heart!